Mapping P: for Financial Aid EdConnect8

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Financial Aid uses EdConnect8. This requires a P: mapping and it must be done via command prompt before installation of EdConnect.


The EdConnect8 software requires a P: mapping. This mapping must be done manually via administrator command prompt due to vendor design of this software. 


Precursor: The end user must be logged on to the workstation. This must be done before the EdConnect8 software install is run. The end user needs rights to this path, which Financial Aid staff should all have. 

To resolve this issue:

  1. Find Search on the taskbar and click in the Search field . Type cmd
  2. Command Prompt should be offered as an option. From the right side, choose Run As Administrator
  3. This opens an Administrator level command prompt. Issue the following command and hit Enter
    1. net use P: "\\file\apps" /persistent:yes
  4. A response of "The command completed successfully" should appear
  5. Type P: and hit Enter
  6. The location should now show P:\> 
  7. Close that window and begin the EdConnect8 install




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Tue 3/19/24 1:46 PM
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