"This Copy of Microsoft Office Is Not Activated" Error on Xavier-issued laptop


The copies of Microsoft Office installed on Xavier-issued PCs remain licensed by communicating with Xavier's on-campus license servers.

If a Xavier-issued laptop fails to communicate with the Xavier network for a period of over 180 days, that laptop will start displaying product activation warnings when Microsoft Office is launched.


To resolve this issue, either:

  • Connect the computer to the Xavier on-campus network (wired or xavierwireless) for a period of 90 mins or more, or
  • Connect the computer to the Global Protect VPN from off-campus, and remain connected to the VPN for a period of 90 mins or more. Instructions for VPN connection can be found here.

If neither of these approaches resolve the issue, contact the Xavier Helpdesk for further assistance.



Article ID: 341
Tue 1/19/16 4:53 PM
Mon 5/6/24 1:37 PM

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