Video Troubleshooting 101


General troubleshooting

  • Confirm that the source is connected to the proper video cable.
  • Confirm that the source has power and is turned on. 
  • Confirm that the corresponding source is selected on the Crestron Touch panel

Wired Video

VGA cable  

  • Confirm that VGA source is selected at the Crestron touch panel. 
  • Visually inspect the 15 pin VGA cable to see if any pins are bent. Firmly seat the VGA cable into source device. 
  • Confirm that VGA source is set to output to external display. See "Mirroring Your Laptop's Display with Classroom AV Systems". 

Mini DisplayPort/HDMI


  • Confirm that the correct video source (HDMI or Mini DisplayPort) is selected at the Crestron touch panel.   
  • Confirm that the desired source is connected with the proper cable and that the other end of the cable is either connected to the correct processor input or lectern input.


  • Confirm that BluRay is selected at touch panel. 
  • Visually inspect disk to make sure it is neither dirty nor scratched. 

Document Camera

  • Confirm that Document Camera power is connected in at both ends, and the camera's power status light either Green (ON) or Orange (standby).
  • Confirm that a VGA or HDMI cable is firmly connected to the Display Out port on the document camera.

Wireless Video 

Other items to check

  • Confirm that the display projector/TV has power and set to correct input. Legacy projectors input is DVI and new projectors use HDMI input.  
  • If the projector displays flashing error lights, it may be overheated, in which case try power cycling the projector:
    • Shut down system then flip power switch on projector to "Off"
    • Pull cord to power and wait 60 seconds.
    • Plug power cable back and flip power switch to "On".
  • Reset the Crestron processor. See "Resetting a Crestron DMPS-300-C Processor"



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