Outlook for Mac Fails to Authenticate After Password Change


If you are being repeatedly presented with a login/password prompt in Outlook for Mac, and have recently changed your password, please check the following:

  1. Verify you are using the correct password by logging into the web-based version of Outlook at http://mail.xavier.edu.
    • If you cannot login to web-based mail , then the issue is with your account password. Please try changing the password again at http://password.xavier.edu.
    • If you can login successfully, then your password is fine and the issue is specific to the Outlook application. Proceed with Step 2.
  2. Quit Outlook and delete the currently stored password.
    • Open Applications folder >> Utilities folder >> Keychain Manager.
    • In the left-hand pane under Keychains, click on Login.
    • In the left hand-pane under Category, click Passwords.
    • Scroll through the list until you locate a key named "Exchange".
    • Highlight this key and tap the Delete key. You will be prompted to remove the keychain entry,. Click the Delete button.
    • Close Keychain Manager and relaunch Outlook. You will be prompted to login with your current credentials.



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Mon 4/18/16 1:11 PM
Wed 11/8/23 2:42 PM