VHS Retirement and Alternatives


VHS is a legacy technology no longer supported at Xavier.


VHS Support at Xavier

As of June 1, 2015 Classroom Technology no longer supports VHS players or tapes. There were several reasons why this decision was made:

  • VHS tapes are susceptible to de-magnetization, humidity, and wear that is unavoidable after each use. Tapes stored under optimal conditions might last up to 25 years before degrading -- but since most are not stored under these conditions, "life expectancy" is highly variable. Tape failure is inevitable and often abrupt.
  • VHS players are no longer mass-produced in the USA.
  • VHS technology relies on analog signals and systems, which are being rapidly deprecated in the modern A/V world. Most of Xavier's classroom technology systems are digital-based and no longer designed with analog support in mind.
Accordingly, IT no longer provides VHS players for classrooms or events, nor do we provide duplication services for VHS or DVD.

Alternatives to VHS

Faculty who currently own teaching materials on VHS should visit their designated library liaison to determine if DVD or streaming media alternatives are available.

If no viable alternatives exist, a 3rd party business may be able to convert the VHS to DVD. Walmart, Walgreens, and other retailers usually offer VHS conversion as part of their photo department services.



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