Rebuilding an Outlook Mail Profile in Windows


If an Outlook mail profile becomes corrupt, it may be necessary to create a fresh profile in order to continue using Outlook. To do so follow these steps:

  1. Close all instances of Outlook.
  2. Under your control panels, open the Mail (32 bit) control panel.
  3. Click the Show Profiles button.

  4. You will have at least one Outlook profile listed (potentially more if you've previously had to perform these steps). Click the Add button.

  5. You will be prompt for a profile name. It is suggested you name it in a way that indicates the date the new profile was created. This will help if further troubleshooting is required. Click OK to confirm the name.

  6. Click through the New Profile wizard to add the new profile. You will be returned to the same window shown above, 
  7. Click the radio button for Always use this profile.
  8. Click the pulldown menu and ensure that the new profile is selected.
  9. Click OK to close the Window.
  10. Launch Outlook to begin using the new profile.
You will notice that Outlook launches slowly and not all email/calendar data is readily available. This is because your emails and events are being downloaded fresh from the mail server. The length of this process will vary, depending on the size of your mailboxes.



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