Using the Panopto Recorder: Screen Capture with Webcam


Recording your screen and webcam can provide students with important information, as well as a personal connection to you. As long as you plan properly, it is no more complex than creating any other type of recording.

The Digital Media Lab has PowerPoint templates for Faculty Video Creation available that designate space for the webcam. If you plan to have a webcam visible throughout a narrated PowerPoint, we recommend using them so the webcam doesn’t obscure content the viewer will need to see.

If you want to narrate a PowerPoint and only have a webcam visible at the beginning or end, that is possible through outside recording and editing tools. 

For a more professional look, you can even edit out the move so students see only a seamless transition.

If you are wanting to perform a traditional screen capture with the webcam, consider what parts of the screen you’ll need before you start recording. Avoid placing content that you will need for the demonstration in the lower right corner where the webcam will appear by default.

Watch this short demonstration from Xavier's Digital Media Lab on how we recommend you capture a PowerPoint presentation with your webcam and your voice.



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