Sharing Panopto Videos


Sharing within Canvas

To access Panopto from within your Canvas course, you need to be editing a Page/Discussion/Announcement/Assignment - or anywhere else you have access to the rich text editor shown below. After accessing Panopto, you can upload new content or share existing content that is already stored in Panopto.

Find the Panopto button on the right side of the Rich Content Editor while editing in Canvas:


Sharing Outside Canvas

Watch this short demonstration from Panopto on how to share within the Panopto platform for collaboration, via email, and by creating an embed code or link that can be used in Cascade, email, etc.

Note: Make sure to check and change the settings for Who can access this video to ensure they align with your needs. A video on a public Xavier webpage will need to be visible without login, but an internal video shared via email between colleagues that possibly contains sensitive data should be more restricted.



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