VidGrid Overview for Student Therapists



VidGrid can be accessed at

You may log in using your Xavier username and password, but make sure to click the Enterprise Login button before attempting to log in.

Please note that you may not have the appropriate access until after the access request form has been submitted and processed.


The recording app will remain installed after you use a room for the first time, but does require you to launch it the first time you use it from This is what links the app to your VidGrid user and ensures all recordings are uploaded to the correct place.

This video walks you through the initial use of the VidGrid recording app, as well as steps to take every time you record. 

For assistance recording your webcam, please refer to Recording with a Webcam in VidGrid


To share a video with your supervisor, you will use the sharing feature inside VidGrid from the specific recording you wish to share. You do not have to share the content while you are still in the therapy room, but do make sure the content is uploaded to VidGrid before leaving.

  1. Log in to VidGrid at
  2. Visit the page for the content you wish to share
  3. Click the Share icon under the content
  4. Choose the "Send to" tab, and in the Groups field type your Xavier username.
    • Make sure that you have selected your username before hitting Share. 
    • Anything you type in the message field will be included in the notification email, so avoid HIPAA regulated information.
  5. Your supervisors will receive an email alerting them about the video to review.
    • The notification email contains the name of the VidGrid recording, so please ensure you have named your session as TherapistInitials ClientInitials Date of Session so that your supervisors are able to identify the recording that you shared.


We recommend periodically reviewing your recorded sessions and clearing out any that you will not use again in the future. This makes it easier for you to find your best sessions quickly when you need to use them in the future.

Please keep in mind that any sessions you have shared will no longer be available to your supervisor after you delete it.

For instructions please refer to Deleting Content in VidGrid.



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