Operating Classroom Touchpanels


This article explains how to use a touchpanel to operate equipment in (most) classrooms.


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Turning the system on and off

  1. If the touchpanel screen is dark, it is currently in power-saving mode. To wake it, wave your hand over it or tap the screen once.
  2. Tap Touch to Start System to turn on the room's flat panel displays and/or projectors. The main touchpanel screen will display.

    touchpanel start screen

  3. To shut the system down, choose Shut Down from the main screen:

    shut down selected


Selecting sources

Once the system is started, the touchpanel offers a set of sources available for display. The most common are Solstice, mini DisplayPort, HDMI, BluRay, and Document Camera.

  • Select the appropriate source by tapping on its icon.
  • If your room has multiple screens, each will have its own set of sources to choose from, as shown in the example below:

    source list


Volume controls

The classroom speaker volume can be controlled from the main touchpanel screen

  • To raise or lower the volume, tap the up and down arrows.
  • To mute the speakers, tape the Mute button.

    volume controls


Blu-ray controls

The touchpanel offers onscreen controls that mimic a typical BluRay remote.

  1. From the main screen, tap BluRay Controls.

    highlight bluray button

  2. To insert a disc, press and hold Open Tray for several seconds until the tray opens.The other buttons function as would be expected on a physical emote control.

    tray open selected

  3. Click the Return button to go back to the main screen.


Projector and screen controls

Projectors and flatpanels can be individually powered on/off, and the screens individually raised/lowered.

  1. From the main screen, tap Projectors.

    projectors selected

  2. Toggle the desired action. If there are multiple displays in the room each will have its own set of controls, as shown below:

    screen controls selected

  3. Click the Return button to go back to the main screen.


Obtaining help

Call (513) 745-3603 to obtain assistance with classroom technology. Tapping the Help button also lists this number, for quick reference.

help button selectedhelp screen




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