Using Zoom Rooms in HUB 201, 301 or 307


This article explains how to use Zoom Rooms specifically in HUB rooms 201/301/307.


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This article focuses on proper use of Zoom Rooms in three specific HUB classrooms: 201, 301 and 307. Zoom Rooms is fully integrated with the existing classroom system in these rooms. If you are not using equipment in HUB 201/301/307, consult the Related Articles section for appropriate directions.


Zoom Rooms is a software-based audio and video conferencing host. In rooms 201/301/307, the Zoom software is fully integrated along with general classroom controls on the wall-mounted Crestron touchpanel. The Zoom interface on the touchpanel is used to connect your meeting to the room.

Prior to starting class, you will need schedule a Zoom meeting, and note the meeting ID and passcode used to join the meeting. These two items are needed to start the meeting using the touchpanel.

Starting class

To start the class:

  1. Click Start System to turn on the classroom equipment.
  2. Tap the Zoom icon to launch the Zoom Rooms interface. The other inputs shown (Solstice, HDMI) are not used in any part of this process

  3. Tap Join on the left side. You will be presented with a numeric pad.
  4. Enter the ID of the meeting you scheduled previously and tap Join.
  5. You’ll be prompted for your meeting passcode. Enter it and tap OK. The meeting will start. 
Forgot your meeting ID or passcode? You can reference upcoming or previous meeting IDs on your Meetings page in the Zoom web portal.

Adjusting mute and start/stop video 

On the Crestron touchpanel, check to ensure you’re not muted and are sending in-room video. You can toggle mute and start/stop video by tapping their respective icons:

Adjusting in-room volume 

Move the volume slider right to adjust volume level up or down: 

Sharing content

Unlike a regular Zoom meeting, Zoom Rooms doesn’t require you to join the meeting using your laptop in order to share. Shared content is duplicated to the classroom displays and to remote students. To share content, follow these steps: 

  1. Open the Zoom application on your laptop. 

  • On Windows, Zoom is typically located on your Desktop or Start Menu ()

  • On Mac, Zoom is typically located in your Applications folder 

  1. If you’re prompted to login, click the Sign In With SSO button and do so:

  2. Click the Share Screen button:


  3. Enter the Sharing Key (which is overlaid on the classroom's displays) and click Share.

  4. You’ll be given the option to share your entire screen, any specific application you have open, or to create a virtual whiteboard. Choose which content you wish to share, and click the Share button to display it:

  1. To stop sharing content, click the Stop Share button on your laptop screen:

Recording a class

To record a class in progress:

  1. On the touchpanel, tap Start Recording.

  2. To stop recording before your meeting ends, tap Stop Recording. Otherwise, recording stops when you tap Leave >> End Meeting for All.

For more information on sharing completed video recordings with students, please contact the Digital Media Lab.

Ending class

To end a class, follow these steps:

  1. From the touchpanel's Zoom interface, tap Leave.
  2. Tap End Meeting for All. This will disconnect all participants from the Zoom Room and ends the meeting.
  3. On the Crestron touchpanel's outer bezel, double-tap the  icon. This will "flip the screen" from Zoom Rooms back to the classroom control panel.
  4. Tap Shut Down. This will raise the screens and turn off the equipment. 



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