Audio/Video Refuses to Stream from Solstice Mac Client


Newer versions of MacOS prevent the Solstice Audio Driver from loading without user intervention.



Audio refuses to stream from the Mac version of the Solstice client.


  • Older versions of MacOS have a security feature called Gatekeeper, designed to prevent third-party extensions from loading without user intervention. Gatekeeper will prevent the Solstice audio driver from loading, in most circumstances, unless the user grants permission.
  • In MacOS Mojave and above, Full Disk Access is required to be granted in order to properly install or run many third party applications. If Full Disk Access is not granted to Solstice, it will silently block audio components from running until this occurs.


Resolution #1

If you are seeing prompts for the audio driver to install, follow these steps. If you are not prompted to install an audio driver, proceed to Resolution #2.

  1. Go to  >> System Preferences >> Security & Privacy.
  2. In the General tab, look for a message at the bottom of the window stating “System software from developer Mersive was blocked from loading”, similar to the screenshot below:
  3.  Click Allow to load and use the Solstice audio extension.
  4. In the Solstice client, toggle the audio slider OFF and back ON again. Sound should begin to stream as expected.

Resolution #2

  1. Open the Security & Privacy preferences pane.
  2. Click the Privacy tab, and click Full Disk Access in the left column:

  3. Click , and enter your Mac's account password.
  4. Add Solstice to the Full Disk Access list by dragging and dropping the Solstice app's icon onto the right-hand portion of the window, as seen above.
  5. Click Screen Recording from the left column
  6. On the right column click the tick box for Solstice to Add Solstice to "Allow the apps below to record the contents of your screen..." or click "+"  and browse to the downloaded location.
  7. Relaunch Solstice and toggle Desktop Audio on. This time, you should be prompted to install the audio driver and it will complete successfully.



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