Lenovo Webcam Stops Working During Zoom Session


This issue is caused by a driver issue. Updating the webcam driver fixes it.



A Lenovo laptop is in a Zoom session when its webcam randomly freezes after a period of time. The camera remains inaccessible to other applications as well (for example, the Windows Camera App). A reboot may temporarily restore the camera, but the root issue still remains.


To resolve this issue, update the Lenovo webcam's driver based on your model. The model label is printed on the lower right corner of the laptop display bezel, as seen when the laptop lid is open.

  1. Download the webcam driver that corresponds to your model. It is crucial to select and use the correct driver for your model:
  2. Run the driver installer.
  3. Reboot your laptop.
  4. Test your camera in Zoom prior to running another meeting. To test your camera prior to a Zoom meeting, please review this Zoom support link.

Additional Information

Please note that many laptops have a physical privacy shutter on their webcams.

If the webcam is shuttered, your webcam will display the following image:

If you see the above image when trying to use Lenovo's integrated webcam, make sure the shutter switch is slid completely to the left:



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