Emails from External Senders Not Being Received


There are several possible reasons email may not arrive in your Inbox.



Email messages from external (ie, non-Xavier) addresses are not arriving in your inbox.


There could be multiple reasons this is occurring. Most commonly, the message has arrived but is being filtered by Outlook into a folder other than the Inbox.

Resolution #1

Check the contents of your Clutter and Junk folders in Outlook. It is possible the email contained a phrase that led to it being flagged as Junk, or Clutter is deeming it as such due to prior interactions with the sender's messages. 

Prior to April 2020, IT explicitly rejected emails containing phrases commonly used in phishing attacks against Xavier University. Due to the large volume of such attacks and the considerable amount of people who fell for them, this was seen at the time as a necessary protective measure. To ensure legitimate emails are not being unduly rejected, messages matching these patterns are now moved automatically to your Outlook Junk folder. Be advised that the majority of Junk mail is indeed malicious; proceed with caution when handling such messages.

Resolution #2

A view may have been inadvertently set on the Outlook inbox that is preventing the message from appearing. To reset the Inbox view in Outlook:

  1. Click the View tab on the Outlook ribbon.
  2. Click Reset View.

Resolution #3

If the sender is using a ProtonMail address, the message will be rejected. While ProtonMail has legitimate uses, its anonymity relative to other mail providers makes it a favored tool for cyber-criminals and Xavier's email server will reject messages from this specific service.

The only work around is for the sender to use a different email service to send the message.




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