Using Zoom Rooms in Hybrid Classrooms


This article describes basic operation of Zoom Rooms for hybrid learning.


An illustrated, printable version of the below quick-start instructions is attached to this article, for your convenience. Also attached is an extended set of instructions with more details and is highly recommended for review. A Frequently Asked Questions article can be found under the Related Articles sidebar.

Zoom Rooms allows faculty to hold classes with both in-room and remote student involvement.
Each Zoom Room features the following equipment: 

  • Black (Crestron) touchpanel: Used to turn on and control in-room displays/projectors/screens

  • White touchpanel: Used to join and control Zoom meetings 

  • Camera: Captures the faculty member and whiteboard (if applicable) 

  • 43" confidence monitor: Displays the remote students or shared content fullscreen via Zoom

  • Speaker/mic: Allows interaction between faculty and remote students 

Starting a Meeting 

These instructions assume you have already scheduled a Zoom meeting. You need to schedule a meeting, and have its ID and associated password on hand, to complete the following steps.

  1. On the black Crestron touchpanel, tap Start to turn on projectors/screens. 

  1. On the black Crestron touchpanel, tap the Zoom button.

  1. On the white touchpanel, tap  Join on the right side of screen.

  1. Enter the meeting ID of your scheduled Zoom meeting.  

  1. Tap Join.

  1. Use the white touchpanel to enter your meeting password or host key, if requested. Click OK

Changing Camera Views 

  1. On the white touchpanel, tap Camera Control.

  1. Tap on one of the three available presets. Verify what is visible in Zoom or on the monitor. 

  2. Tap Done to exit Camera Control.

Sharing Content 

  1. Launch the Zoom desktop application on your laptop.

    • On Windows, it is located in your Start () menu.

    • On Mac, it is located in your Applications folder.

  1. Share immediately by clicking the Share Screen button. 

  2. Choose the content to share. You can share your entire screen or individual open app windows. 

Ending the Meeting 

  1. On the white touchpanel, tap Leave.

  1. At the bottom of the screen, tap End Meeting For AllThis will disconnect all participants

  1. On the black Crestron touchpanel, tap Shut Down to turn off the classroom equipment. 

Getting Help 

  • Contact Classroom Technology at (513) 745-3603. 

  • Open a new ticket with our Help Desk.



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