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This FAQ collects questions we are commonly asked about Zoom Rooms used for hybrid learning.


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Why this solution instead of just using Zoom on my laptop?

Several solutions were evaluated by a working group comprised of IT, CTE, faculty and COVID taskforce members. The general consensus was that laptop-based Zoom sessions were lacking on several fronts. First, laptop webcams are limited in quality and ability to capture both faculty and whiteboard writing. Second, laptop microphones are limited in their ability to capture sound in-room. Third, the confidence monitor addition allows faculty to look straight at students or content as they speak, as opposed to constantly glancing down at a laptop screen, or gesturing at larger displays behind them or across a room.

Some Alter rooms have hybrid equipment at one end and lectern on the other. Why?

We were forced to make tough choices in certain rooms due to a variety of external factors including seating, distancing and existing infrastructure. As a result, in a few rooms it was necessary to position the hybrid equipment on the opposite end of the room from existing lecterns. We acknowledge this layout is awkward in terms of not having both touchpanels side by side, but in most situations, the Crestron touchpanel is only needed to turn classroom projectors and screens on and off. All other interactions take place where the hybrid equipment is located.

Can I move the confidence monitor?

The confidence monitor has been placed in the optimal location for each room. Due to seating, distancing, and room design, placement may not be to everyone’s liking. That said, we ask you don’t touch the confidence monitor’s components or attempt to move it. This risks damage to the equipment as well as knocking  camera presets out of alignment for yourself and your colleagues. The stands are marked with red tape to indicate correct positioning. If you discover one has been moved, call 745-3603 for assistance. Please do not attempt to move it yourself.

Can the confidence monitor display different content than what’s on the other screens?

No. The confidence monitor output is shared with all the other screens existing in the classroom. All displays function in unison.

I’m only teaching in-room students. How do I share content in this situation?

Easy! Perform the following steps:

  1. Launch your Zoom app on your laptop.
  2. Tap Share Now.
  3. Your laptop screen should immediately display.

How do I share content with a USB document camera?

In this scenario, you will need to connect the camera to your laptop and take the extra step of joining the Zoom meeting.

  1. Connect the USB document camera to your laptop.
  2. Launch your Zoom application and join the meeting as a participant. Do not join the audio conference or you will experience feedback.
  3. Click Share Screen.
  4. When prompted to choose content, click the Advanced tab at the top of the screen.
  5. Click on Content from 2nd Camera. The document camera content will show up fullscreen.

How do I prevent Zoom Bombing?

Starting August 10, all Zoom meetings will require a password. While passwords mitigate risk of Zoom bombing, they don't eliminate it entirely. Like any password, Zoom meeting passwords become useless when information gets shared beyond those with a valid need to know.

  • Don't post meeting links on public websites or social media
  • Remind students of what constitutes appropriate online behavior
  • Take additional measures by using extra security options in your meeting. On the white touchpanel, tap the Security icon while in a meeting to access the following features: lock meeting, enable waiting room, disable chat, disable participant renaming, disable screen sharing for others, remove participant, report a participant.

Can I record my meetings?

Yes, Zoom Rooms has cloud recording capability.

On the white touchpanel, perform these steps:

  1. Tap the Record button to start recording.
  2. Tap the Record button again to stop recording (or, simply end the meeting when finished).
  3. Zoom will send your email account a notification when the recording is complete.

What about breakout rooms?

Breakout Rooms are a bit complicated in a hybrid setup, for two reasons:

  • You must be the meeting host to run breakout rooms. In Zoom Rooms, the room (not you) is hosting your meeting.
  • Breakout rooms should be held with remote participants only. Including in-room participants will introduce crosstalk and feedback with multiple mics picking up their conversations.

Follow these steps to use breakout rooms:

  1. Setup your breakout rooms as usual, for your remote users only. More info on breakout room setup can be found at Zoom Support.
  2. When it comes time to use the breakout rooms, join the meeting with your laptop's Zoom app. Be sure not to join the audio conference to avoid feedback issues.
  3. Transfer host ability to your newly-joined laptop using the white control panel by tapping your name in the Participants list.
  4. Once you are the host, run your breakout rooms as usual from your laptop's Zoom app.

Can I move thumbnail views to a different corner?

Yes, thumbnail views can be moved to any of the four screen corners by changing the View Options.

I’m hearing loud audio echo/feedback. Why is this happening?

Most of the time this means there are multiple microphones and/or speakers active in the room. This Zoom support article explains how to resolve these issues.



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