Zoom Waiting Rooms Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


This article explains what waiting rooms and why Xavier is adopting them as of Sept 1 2020.


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What is a Zoom waiting room?

The Waiting Room feature allows a meeting host to place attendees in a virtual waiting room. As the host, you can admit attendees one by one or admit them all at once.

Why are waiting rooms being implemented?

Zoom is mandating additional security for all accounts by September 28. On or before that date, Xavier must either adopt mandatory passcodes for all meetings, or waiting rooms. If neither choice is made, all Zoom meetings lacking either passcodes or waiting rooms will stop working.

Xavier has chosen enforcing waiting rooms over enforcing passcodes for several reasons:

  • Passcodes in Zoom by themselves are not inherently secure. Passcoded meetings can still be Zoom Bombed if the invitation link is shared with the wrong people. Waiting rooms allow hosts to vet attendees prior to admitting them, providing an additional security layer.
  • Forcing passcodes on all meetings requires those not already using passcodes to re-send all their meeting invites. This would be highly disruptive. Mandatory waiting rooms offer an additional layer of security without requiring meeting invites to be re-sent.

When are waiting rooms being implemented?

 Xavier will implement waiting rooms for all accounts at 7 am on Sept 1.

How will waiting rooms be implemented?

On September 1, the setting for waiting rooms will be turned on for all Xavier Zoom accounts. You will not need to change any settings on your own.

How do I admit attendees?

Upon joining the meeting, attendees will be placed in the waiting room. They will see a screen similar to this:

Attendees who are already logged into Zoom using their Xavier credentials will be automatically admitted to the meeting. All others will be treated as guests, and will need to be vetted prior to being admitted.

You can view and admit attendees from the waiting room using the Participants feature of either the Zoom app toolbar or the Zoom Room touchpanel (depending on whether you are hosting a normal Zoom meeting or are using a hybrid classroom).

Instructions for how to admit attendees:



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