Dealing with Disruptive Zoom Attendees


This article explains preventative and in-the-moment actions you can take to stop disruptive attendees in Zoom.


In this article:

Preventive actions

This section discusses things you can do ahead of a Zoom meeting to help prevent disruptive behavior.

Do not post meeting links publicly

Zoom embeds the password in its meeting links. Sharing them publicly allows anyone to potentially join the meeting

Restrict content sharing

Prior to your meeting, go to the Zoom web portal ( and in the settings navigate to Personal >> Settings >> In Meeting (Basic) and look for Screen sharing. Make sure only the host can share content.

If you later wish to allow content sharing by others, this setting can be toggled on via the Security panel on either the toolbar or touchpanel, depending on whether you are holding a Zoom or Zoom Rooms meeting.

Disable in-room chat

Click Security panel and under Allow participants to, uncheck Chat. The host/co-host can still send chat messages to attendees but attendees cannot send chat messages.

Mute people upon entry

You can mute attendees automatically when they join a meeting. Prior to the meeting, go to the web portal (, navigate to Settings >> Meetings and choose your meeting. At the bottom of the screen, click to Edit the meeting. Look for Meeting Options and check the box next to Mute participants upon entry. Even if you do not set this up ahead of time, you can still mute people when the meeting starts.

Lock a meeting

Once everyone has joined, you can lock the meeting to prevent any further attendees from joining. 

In the meeting, click on Security panel >> Lock Meeting.

In-meeting actions

This section discusses actions you can take if disruptions occur during a meeting.

Stopping attendee video

If an attendee shows disruptive content, you can turn their video off.

Click/tap Participants, click/tap More beside the attendee's name, then click/tap Stop Video

Kick out an attendee

Click/tap on Security panel >> Remove participant, then click Remove next to the participant's name in the list.

Reporting disruptive attendees to Zoom

Reporting a user is different from merely removing them. Using the Report feature will send your meeting data to the Zoom Trust and Safety team to evaluate any misuse of the platform and block a user from Zoom entirely, if necessary. 

To report a user:

  1. Click/tap Security panel >> Report. You will be presented with a short form.
  2. From the dropdown, select the attendee you wish to report along with any additional details. 
  3. Submit to Zoom by clicking/tapping Send.



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