Zoom Room Unintentionally Joining Breakout Rooms


Under a certain set of conditions, a Zoom Room will join a breakout room when not intended. This article discusses workarounds.



During a Zoom Room meeting, breakout rooms are used. The Zoom Room itself ends up joining one of the breakout room as a fellow participant, potentially causing distractions to others.


This only happens if a very specific set of circumstances is met. Primarily, the cause is that the meeting's breakout rooms are set to automatically assign participants to rooms. In that scenario, the Zoom Room gets treated as just another participant and is swept into a breakout room with others.

Resolution #1

The simplest solution to this issue is to refrain from using the automatic assignment feature, thus preventing the Zoom Room from being automatically assigned to a breakout. This can be easily accomplished in one of two ways:

Resolution #2

If automatic assignments must be enabled due to a specific use-case, the host needs to create a separate breakout room and use it to isolate the Zoom Room, using these steps:

  1. Initiate breakout rooms as usual. The Zoom Room will be sent to one of the existing rooms you have created.
  2. In the breakout room management window, click the Add a Room button. This will create a new room. 
  3. Hover your pointer on the Zoom Room in the list, and click Move to. Choose the room you just created in Step 2. The Zoom Room should remain the sole participant in this room until sessions are closed.
Remember once you have ended your breakout room sessions to restore Host privileges to the Zoom Room and unmute the Zoom Room's microphone



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