Zoom Outlook Plugin for Mac Stops Working


Microsoft has disabled injection-based Outlook plugins as of May 2021. To resolve, remove Zoom's plugin and install the newer Zoom for Outlook add-in.



Zoom Outlook Plugin was previously installed succesfully on a Mac running Outlook 2016/2019. The functionality of the plugin is no longer available and it seems to have disappeared from the app's calendar window entirely.


Microsoft is discontinuing all support for injection-based Outlook plugins (including Zoom's) effective with their May 2021 software update. Microsoft has a support article with additional details.


To resolve this issue, uninstall the plugin and install Zoom's newer add-in instead:

  1. Quit Outlook.
  2. Uninstall the Outlook plugin by opening Finder, click on Applications,  open the ZoomOutlookPlugin folderand run the Uninstall application.
  3. Install the Zoom for Outlook add-in
  4. Re-open Outlook.

For more information on using Zoom for Outlook add-in, consult the "Related Articles" section on the right.



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Wed 3/17/21 3:22 PM
Mon 5/6/24 1:46 PM

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