Titanium Desktop Shortcut


Due to server changes taking place 7/14/21, existing Titanium shortcuts need to be updated.



The desktop shortcut for Titanium has abruptly stopped working. 


Assuming appropriate rights to Titanium already exist, it is possible the shortcut being used is invalid. Effective 7/16/21, the server address for Titanium has changed. Existing shortcuts, if not changed to reflect the new server's address, will be broken as a result.


To resolve this issue:

  1. Locate the existing Titanium desktop shortcut (if there is not an existing desktop shortcut, skip to the instruction box at the bottom of this article for a "New Desktop Shortcut"):

  2. Right-click on the icon and choose Properties from the menu.
  3. Locate the Target field:

  4. Change the Target from \\xvitanium\TitaniumPsych\Ti10.exe Or \\xvitanium\TitaniumShare\Ti10.exe To \\xvtitanium01\TitaniumShare\Ti10.exe:

  5. Click OK.

If the shortcut doesn't exist to begin with, you can create a fresh one by right-clicking your desktop and choosing New >> Desktop Shortcut from the menu. When prompted by the setup wizard, enter the pathname \\xvtitanium01\TitaniumShare\Ti10.exe.



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Tue 7/6/21 1:32 PM
Mon 5/6/24 1:52 PM