Assistive Audio Devices In Classrooms


T3 Microphones from Lightspeed have replaced the Listen Point microphones in Alter Hall for assistive devices in classrooms.


To use the T3 Microphone from Lightspeed:

  1. Remove the microphone from the charging base located on top of the podium.
  2. Secure the microphone by use of lanyard with magnetic clasp if wearing is preferred.  Microphone may also be used hand held.
  3. Power the microphone on by pressing the Power/Mode button that sits on top of the microphone.  The Power/Mode button reveals a white light when Off and a blue light when in Talk mode.  To mute the microphone, press the Power/Mode button and the white light will again indicate that the microphone is Off.
  4. Volume with this system calls for adjusting the Crestron AV system volume as well as using the Up/Down Arrows on the side of the microphone.
  5. When finished, return the microphone to the charging stand on top of the podium.  The microphone will light up temporarily indicating it is charging.



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