How to completly uninstall Mersive Solstice from Mac and PC


Solstice Uninstallers for Windows and Mac are available to assist with the removal of current or previously installed Solstice Clients, from quick connect to MSI, SCCM, dmg, as well as Solstice Conference drivers. The tools are not designed to be bulk run, or for mass distribution, they are provided on an as-needed basis to be run on single systems. If program remnants remain after you have tried standard uninstallation methods, try running the standalone Solstice Uninstaller cleanup tools.

Below are steps to run the Solstice Uninstaller cleanup tool for Windows and Mac. The Windows SolsticeUninstall.exe can be run via a double-click directly from File Explorer and has a graphical user interface, or can be run via command line. A Mac script has also been included which can be run from a Terminal window. 

Downloading the Windows and Mac Uninstallers:
1. Download from:
2. Extract the files SolsticeUninstall.exe & to your preferred download location (e.g. Desktop)

Windows - Running the GUI version of SolsticeUninstall.exe:
1. Double-click the executable file SolsticeUninstall.exe in File Explorer
2. Click Start button
3. The cleanup routine will be complete when you see the last line read “INFO: Done”. Hit Exit at that point.

Windows - Running SolsticeUninstall.exe from the Command Prompt:

1. Run a command prompt as Administrator
   (Click the Windows Start button > Type cmd > Right click on Command Prompt > Run as Administrator)
2. Change directories (CD) to folder where the file was extracted, and type: 
    SolsticeUninstall.exe -cmd -all -verbose 
3. Hit Enter
4. The cleanup routine will be complete when you see the last line read “INFO: Done”, or the window closes. 

Mac – Running the script

1. Extract to your Mac Desktop
2. Open Terminal (Go > Utilities > Terminal) 
3. Type the following string and hit Enter: sh ~/Desktop/ 
    (or type: SH <space> drag the removeSolsticeMacClient script to the Terminal session, drop it and then hit Enter)
5. When prompted type in the user password and hit Enter
6. The cleanup routine will be complete when you see the last line read "You don't need to reboot your Mac, all cached drivers get cleaned!"



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