Joining Microsoft Teams Rooms to 3rd Party Meetings (Zoom, Cisco WebEx)



Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) support a one-touch experience for joining third-party online meetings that allows Teams Room to join a meeting hosted on another platform in a similar way as joining a meeting hosted in Microsoft Teams. One thing to note, however; the experience in Teams Rooms of the third-party meeting is driven by the third-party meeting provider, e.g. Zoom or Cisco Webex. This article will focus specifically on joining Teams Rooms to a meeting hosted by Zoom.

Scheduling a Zoom Meeting for an MTR to Join

Note: in order to schedule a Zoom meeting to allow a Teams Room to join, the scheduler must have the Zoom plug-in installed in their email provider. The below example will be using Microsoft Outlook.

- With Microsoft Outlook open, click on "Schedule a Meeting" in the commands ribbon at the top of the window.

- This will open a blank email invitation and a pop-up from Zoom for meeting scheduling and preferences.

- Once the meeting preferences have been entered, it will automatically generate the meeting link and populate the email invitation with the meeting information.

- Enter the email address for all participants, including that of the Microsoft Teams Room expected to join the meeting.

- Click "Send." The meeting invitation will be sent to the Teams Room and will automatically populate to the Teams Room's calendar.


Joining a Zoom Meeting from an MTR

- To join the meeting from the Teams Room, simply tap on the "Join" button within the corresponding meeting on the Teams Room touch panel.

- This will launch the meeting. 

Note: The host of the Zoom meeting must start the meeting before the Teams Room may be allowed in.



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