Creating and managing breakout rooms in Teams


Breakout rooms in Teams can be pre-assigned or assigned during a meeting.

To pre-assign breakout rooms:

Go to the meeting invite and click "Breakout Rooms" from the top menu.

Click create rooms.

Next, select the number of rooms from the drop down menu.

Click add rooms.

You can now assign participants automatically or manually. 

Click "Assign participants"

Choose either Automatically or Manually.

To add participants manually:

Select Manually.

Click the check box next to each participant.  Assign each participant to a room by clicking the caret and select a room for each.

Click Save.

To assign breakout rooms during a meeting:

Click "Rooms" from the top menu.

Select the number of rooms and Automatic or Manual assignment and click Create Rooms.

If you are manually assigning participants, click Assign participants on the next menu.

Click the check boxes next to the participants you want to assign and click the caret to select the room.

Click Save.

Rooms can be added, deleted and settings can be applied.  Click the + sign to add rooms.  Click the megaphone to make an announcement to all rooms (when active).  Click the trash can to delete rooms.  Click the gear icon to adjust room settings.


Settings allows organizers to set Room managers, time limits, and sets permissions of participants.

Once settings have been modified, click Save to apply.

To activate the Breakout Rooms, click "Open"

Once the rooms have been opened, managers can join rooms to monitor.  Click the ellipsis ( . . . ) next to the room and click "Join room"

Click "Close room" to bring all participants back to the meeting.






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