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Office365 apps with permissions to your data
Office365 apps being removed, with permissions to your data
AdobeSign is a service providing legally-binding digital signatures for Xavier electronic documents.
This article explains how to set the default application for opening PDF files. PDF files are typically accessed by either Adobe Acrobat (Reader) DC or Adobe Acrobat (Pro) DC. System updates, the addition or removal of certain software packages (for example, going from Adobe Acrobat (Reader) DC to Adobe Acrobat (Pro) DC), or prompts from applications can cause the PDF file type to be associated with other applications.
While using Lockdown Browser on a Lenovo 11e (the typical Xavier student loaner laptop model), the integrated camera (webcam) may unexpectedly quit or be undetected by Lockdown Browser. This can be prevented or fixed by changing the camera's driver.
This article describes the common A/V cables used in Xavier classrooms.
Employee accounts are disabled based on the last day worked, as entered in Banner. Student account retention is determined by the student's academic status at Xavier.
How-to add a Toshiba Multifunction (MFD) printer to a Xavier-issued Macintosh.
This article lists all the classrooms containing Zoom Rooms technology for hybrid learning.
Alumni Account Retention
This article describes basic operation of Zoom Rooms for hybrid learning.
This article discusses how to use Breakout Rooms with the Zoom Rooms hybrid classrooms. It requires some adjustments to who hosts the meeting during breakouts.
This article describes the setup process for connecting to "xavierwireless" on commonly-used devices.
If you have not enrolled in MFA by the go-live date, you will be forced to enroll. This article describes the enrollment process for this situation.
This article briefly describes Capital IQ and its support options.
If you are replacing your phone, enrolling the new device with Microsoft Authenticator only takes a few minutes.