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"Screen Capture Cannot be Delivered" Error When Pasting Screenshots in Jabber

Jabber may refuse to allow pasting of screenshots if certain certificates are missing.

"Windows License About to Expire" Error on Xavier-issued Laptop

Licensing errors with Xavier-issued equipment are usually caused from extended off-campus use. Reconnecting to the Xavier network will allow the needed licensing verification to occur.

Error "could not identify oauth state parameter" when connecting Zoom to Canvas

This error occurs when the user has not previously logged into Xavier Zoom. A Zoom account is created on initial login to

GlobalProtect VPN for Mac Hangs on Connecting

MacOS is blocking the system extensions used by the VPN. Allowing them will fix the issue.

Lenovo Webcam Stops Working During Zoom Session

This issue is caused by a driver issue. Updating the webcam driver fixes it.

Mac Continually Prompts for Keychain Passwords

In most cases, the simplest solution for a mismatched Keychain password is to reset your Keychain.

Sierra Refuses to Launch Properly

This is likely due to a locked file which must be removed prior to login.

Sync Failures in Microsoft OneDrive

There are many circumstances in which OneDrive might fail to sync some or all files. This article lists several common causes and fixes.

Unable to License Office 365 Mac Edition

This article lists strategies for when personal Macs refuse to license Office365 successfully.

Unable to Refine Search@XU Results in Google Chrome

Google Chrome Sync causes issues with refining search results in Search@XU.

Using DocuSign for Digital Signatures

DocuSign is a service providing legally-binding digital signatures for Xavier electronic documents.

Using the Zoom Add-in for Outlook

The Zoom Outlook plugin allows you to easily schedule Zoom meetings within Outlook calendar.

Zoom Security Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can take several different actions to secure Zoom meetings. A host can control/disable chat, use waiting rooms, require password, or lock the meeting once started.