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Office365 OneDrive for Faculty/Staff

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What is OneDrive?

OneDrive is very similar to other cloud storage providers, such as Google Drive, or Dropbox. OneDrive provides you with 1TB of cloud storage space, and an easy means of collaborative document sharing with colleagues. Documents can also be shared with people outside of Xavier. 

Here's a brief comparison between the features of OneDrive vs your X drive:


OneDrive and Storage Considerations

OneDrive is Xavier University's offically supported cloud storage.  Like the X:\ drive, it is suitable for the storage of any personal work and university information.  While OneDrive can be used to share data with individuals, you should be mindful about information sharing.  Do not share information with individuals that should not have access to it.  Similar to the X:\ drive, this data becomes inaccessible once an individual has left the university.  People are encouraged to use department R:\ network shares for sensitive and institutional information.  Departmental documents and information commonly accessed by multiple people in a department is more suitable for the R:\ drive.  Personally provisioned cloud storage solutions (Dropbox. Google Drive, Box, etc)  should not be used for storing for department/institutional data. 

Accessing OneDrive on the WWW

OneDrive can be accessed from within the Office365 Outlook Web App by selecting OneDrive from the app drawer in the upper left corner.  

Below is a picture of the OneDrive web interface. You can upload files to OneDrive from your computer by dropping them into this interface. Clicking the ... symbol to the right of a file/folder opens a menu with additional options.
You can create, view, edit files from web-based versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote. While most basic functions exist in the web-based versions, more advanced features may require using the desktop apps instead.

Obtaining the OneDrive Client

In addition, there is a OneDrive client for PC that allows for native access from your computer. On a Windows PC, it will appear in your Favorites menu after installation. The client allows you to open or save files into your OneDrive directly from applications on your PC, similar to opening/saving files in your X:\ drive. Onedrive apps are also available for mobile platforms.

Client and App Download Links


NOTE: If your current Microsoft Office installation is located on your PC under C:\Program Files (x86), choose the 32-bit installer. Otherwise, choose the 64-bit installer.

You can install either the OneDrive for Business app, or the Office Mobile app.
Apple iOS
You can install either the OneDrive for Business app, or the Office Mobile app.
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