CAS-enabled Web Sessions Remain Active After Clicking on "Log Out"

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Certain web-based services at Xavier (such as INB Banner) utilize a Central Authentication Service (CAS). By logging into a CAS-enabled service, your  credentials are temporarily preserved, allowing you to seamlessly use other CAS-enabled services without needing to authenticate multiple times in the same session. Once you quit your web browser, the CAS-enabled sessions are terminated and your credentials are released.

There are a limited amount of circumstances in which quitting your web browser may not terminate these sessions promptly. Certain browsers such as Chrome and Firefox allow syncing of active browser sessions across multiple machines. If the sync services are enabled, it could result in a CAS-enabled service remaining active, even after the browser's window is closed.
To circumvent this issue, you have the option of forcing all active CAS sessions to close, using the following steps:
  1. Using your web browser, navigate to the Employee or Student Hub main page.
  2. Click the Cas Disconnect link on the right-hand side.

  3. On the following page, click the CAS Disconnect button.

  4. For added protection, close all browser windows after disconnecting, particularly if the computer is in a shared or public environment.


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