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Xavier Central Authentication Service Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Xavier students, faculty and staff can sign in to the Xavier CAS using their Xavier username and password. Once you are signed in, you can access the following web-based services:

  • Self-Service
  • Banner Administrative System (INB)
  • Banner Workflow
video tutorial is available in Atomic Learning that shows how CAS works.

When you sign out of any given service, your browser is still “connected” so that you can re-enter that service, or any other service, without re-entering your username and password.

Once you are done using Xavier CAS services, to completely sign out from Xavier CAS you must:

  1. Sign out from each service – see your open browser tabs for possible services you might be using and
  2. Disconnect from Xavier CAS – use the “CAS Disconnect” button on the student or employee hub

This will prevent anyone else from access the Xavier CAS services as you. For additional protection, please close all browser windows and quit the browser (if it is still running), especially on computers used by others.

Frequently Asked Questions about Xavier CAS:

What is Xavier CAS?

Xavier CAS is a single sign-on site for various Xavier applications. It works a bit like the “Login with Facebook”, only for Xavier applications. Once a browser is “connected”, it is able to access various services, including Self-Service, Banner Administrative Systems (INB) and Banner Workflow. 

Is Xavier CAS secure?

Yes, all interactions with Xavier CAS use the same type of encryption used for online banking and e-commerce sites. 

What is the difference between signing out of Self-Service, Banner Administrative Systems (INB) or Banner Workflow and disconnecting from Xavier CAS?

Signing out of a service ends your session with that service, but still leaves your browser connected to Xavier CAS. A browser connected to Xavier CAS that starts a web service that uses Xavier CAS, automatically signs in to that service, without asking for username or password. Only by disconnecting from Xavier CAS can you stop new sessions from being started – but existing sessions continue until you sign out from them. 

Do I need to close my browser after I sign out?

In general, it is a good idea to sign out of a service once you are done using it. When you are done using a computer – particularly a computer used by others – you should sign out of each service still open and disconnect from Xavier CAS. If you do not sign out from the services, an existing connection could be used to get back into the service and if you don’t disconnect Xavier CAS, a new service could be opened in your name. If you consistently sign out and disconnect, you do not need to close your browser. However, we still recommend closing browser windows (and quitting the browser if it is still running) as an extra precaution in case one of the other steps was missed. 


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