Xavier Password Requirements

Xavier passwords must meet the following basic requirements:

  • The password must have a total of 12 or more alphanumeric characters. ("Alphanumeric character" is defined as a single letter or number.)
  • The password must contain at least one numeric character and one uppercase letter.
  • Your password can have spaces in it, and special characters -allowed special characters are: ! % * + - / : ?_ ' ;
  • The password must not contain easily guessable patterns or words. Examples:
    • Seasons
    • Years
    • First/middle/last names
    • Variations on "Xavier" or "Musketeer"
    • Banner ID
  • The password must not be one that you've already used recently. Password Manager will remember the last twelve (12) passwords you've used.
Password Manager will reject passwords failing to meet the above requirements. For more info, see "Creating a Strong Password" in the Related Articles.
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