Using ListenPoint Microphones in Alter Hall

ListenPoint microphones are available in Alter Hall classrooms. They can be used to provide enhanced audio for a hearing-impaired audience.

To use the ListenPoint microphone:

  1. Remove the microphone from the white charging holster, located inside the lectern.
  2. Secure the lanyard around your neck (or hold it in your hand).
  3. Turn on the microphone by pressing any button for 1 second. The LED at the top of the microphone will turn green.
    • To adjust volume up or down, press the Volume Up/Down buttons.
    • To mute the audio, press the center button. The LED will blink green. 
    • To unmute, press the button again.
  4. When finished, plug the microphone back into the charging station so that other classes will be able to use it uninterrupted.


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