Using Epson Brightlink Interactive Projectors in Alter Hall

The Epson Brightlink is a short-throw projector which not only offers basic projection, but also varying degrees of annotation and whiteboarding.

Basic Projection

To simply use the Epson as a non-interactive projector, do the following:

  1. Turn on the system using the control center. 
  2. Using the Crestron touchpanel, select your source:
    • Connect your device using the supplied A/V cables and choose the corresponding cable (VGA, HDMI or Mini  DisplayPort)
    • Press the Solstice button if you wish to project your device wirelessly.
  3. Your image will display on the projection surface.

Using the Pens

To write on projected contents or use the basic whiteboard features, use the pen as follows:

  1. The projector comes with a blue pen and an orange pen, identified by the color on the end of the pen. You can use either pen.
  2. To turn on the pen, tap the pen tip or press the power/function button. When you press the button, the battery light flashes briefly, then turns off. If the battery is low, the battery light flashes continuously. The pen turns off automatically after 20 minutes of inactivity. Tap the pen tip or press the button on the side to "wake up" the pen.
  3. For best performance, hold the pen perpendicular to the board, as shown below. Do not cover the black section near the tip of the pen.

Drawing on a Projected Image or Whiteboard

You can add notes to projected content or whiteboard using the interactive pens or your finger.
  1. Project an image from a connected device.
  2. To activate the toolbar, tap the board with the pen or your finger. Arrow icons appear on the left and right side of the projected image. The arrows disappear if they are not used. To make them reappear, tap the board with the pen. You can also use the pen or your finger to move the arrow icon up or down to reposition the toolbar if desired.

  3. Tap the annotation icon   on the toolbar to annotate on the image. Tap the whiteboard icon  to switch to Whiteboard view.
  4. Draw using your pen or finger. Tap on the various pen/pallette icons to adjust color and line thickness.
  5. Click the first Erase icon  to selectively erase your drawings. Click the second Erase icon to clear all drawings (you will be prompted to confirm this choice).

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A series of Epson Brightlink training videos are available on Xavier's Atomic Learning website at


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