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Faculty's Brief Guide to Videoconferencing (Cisco-based) Sessions

This article is intended for faculty using the Cisco videoconferencing system in the classroom.

NOTE: The method described in this article does not employ Zoom. For instructions using Zoom within a Cisco based videoconference, consult the following KB article instead:

Some things to keep in mind with all videoconference sessions:

  • Videoconference sessions are programmed to start and end automatically with connection and disconnection of all sites following the published schedule

    • Lexington VA: Users at VA sites must "answer/accept" our call to enter the conference session

  • Main campus systems: Reveal camera and microphone active immediately, with any recording beginning immediately when the system starts

  • Remote site systems: microphones may need to be unmuted by remote participants, though the camera captures video immediately

The steps below should be executed for every videoconference class:

  1. Log on to the podium computer and power up any Audio-Visual technology needed several minutes in advance of the conference beginning.

    • Users in Cohen 110 must power on the AV system, selecting Videoconference mode on the Crestron touchscreen for a conference to be supported.

  2. Once the conference has actually started, share your presentation/content (assuming Podium PC is to be shared):

    • In Cohen 110, this is accomplished by selecting the desired source on the Crestron AV Touchscreen Controller (often the Podium PC). If your content doesn't display, click the source a second time and it should display.

    • In Cohen 128, 143 and 187, using a mobile cart, this can be accomplished using the grey and black handheld Cisco remote:

      • Point the remote at the camera; press the Home  key on the handheld Cisco remote.
      • Using the directional pad on the remote, direct the cursor (an Orange Bar on the Cisco system) to and choose Presentation. by pressing the Checkmark button.
      • Using the direction pad again, navigate to and select PC by pressing the Checkmark  key in the center of the remote's directional pad.
      • Confirm all participants can see the presentation material as well as see and hear one another.

For assistance with a Cisco-based videoconference, call: (513) 745-4847.

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