Xavier Account Locked After Login Failures

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A Xavier account will be locked after multiple incorrect login attempts. Account lockouts are most generally caused by additional devices (typically phones and tablets) that have outdated password information for wireless and email accounts. These devices attempt to connect to your account on a periodic basis (i.e. to download new emails, or to connect to WiFi), so they will continue to lockout your account repeatedly, unless updated with your current password.  For that reason, you will want to have Password Manager setup to unlock your account in the future, without having to call the helpdesk, until you identify the device that is locking out your account.

How to identify which device is locking out your account:

  1. Turn off ALL your devices except your Xavier-issued computer. Think carefully about all of the electronic devices that you own, that you could have possibly entered your Xavier username and password into. This article explains how to determine which of your devices actively check your email account.
  2. Turn your devices back on, one by one, with a gap between each power on action (at least as long between known bad password attempts, generally 30 minutes). Ensure at the end of this period that your account is not locked (i.e sign into the Hub or Outlook Web App).
  3. After turning on a single device, and finding your account is locked out again after a period of time, the device has been pinpointed.
  4. Search the device for saved passwords that need to be updated (generally email or wireless configuration, but can be other 3rd party apps).  Note that earlier versions of the Xavier mobile app store your password and will lock your account.  Deleting and re-installing the app will resolve this.
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