Xavier Account Locked After Login Failures

A Xavier account will lock itself after repeated incorrect login attempts. Account lockouts are most generally caused by additional devices (eg, phones and tablets) with outdated Xavier password information stored on them. These devices attempt to connect to your account on a periodic basis (i.e. to download new emails, or to connect to WiFi), so they will continue to lockout your account repeatedly, unless the outdated password information is corrected.

How to identify which device is locking out your account:

  1. Turn off ALL your devices except your Xavier-issued computer. Think carefully about all of the electronic devices that you own, that have Xavier email or wireless configured on them. (This article explains how to determine which of your devices are actively checking your email account).
  2. Test additional devices by turning on one at a time and observing if your account becomes locked after 30-60 minutes afterward.
  3. If after turning on a particular device, and finding your account is locked out again, you have verified the culprit!
  4. Update any Xavier-related passwords on the problem device (generally email or wireless configuration). 
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