Playback of Nursing Distance Learning Recordings

System Requirements

  • Windows and Mac OS users should find the videos readily play in browsers with Flash Plugin installed and enabled.

Viewing Videos

  1. In a supported web browser, navigate to
  2. Log in using your Xavier credentials.
  3. The content server will display thumbnail images of recordings for each class you are currently enrolled in. Each thumbnail lists class name (such as N-756) and recording date.
  4. Click the thumbnail to play the video.  If the video doesn't readily play, read any prompts carefully. There may be need to activate or install Flash.

Encountering Problems?

If you’re unable to load videos from the content server in a supported browser, try Xavier’s Virtual Lab. The Virtual Lab provides a Windows 10 with Internet Explorer experience for users connecting from a Windows or Macintosh device. The Virtual Lab can be accessed through a web browser, or VMWare Horizon Client software.

The Virtual Lab's web browser method requires no installation and is recommended for those with restricted rights on their devices. Otherwise, the VMware Horizon client provides superior performance. If you would rather use the client edition, see the "Related Articles" section for detailed setup instructions.


To use Xavier's Virtual Lab's HTML option to view content within a web browser:

  1. In your preferred browser, navigate to the Virtual Lab at
  2. Click on the link for VMware Horizon HTML Access. ()
  3. Log in using your Xavier credentials.
  4. Click Online Lab to connect (this may take a minute or two to fully load)
  5. Once the virtual desktop has loaded, open Internet Explorer by clicking  >> Windows Accessories >> Internet Explorer.
  6. In the virtualized Internet Explorer address bar, navigate to
  7. Log in with your Xavier credentials.
  8. Once logged in, you will see thumbnails for recordings of classes you are currently enrolled in. Underneath the thumbnails are class name (such as N-756) and date recorded.
  9. Click on a thumbnail to play the video.


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