Connecting to Network Drives with Windows 7

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  1. Right-click the Computer icon in your Start menu (shown below), or the Computer icon on your desktop. Select Map Network Drive.

  2. Select a drive letter, and type in the appropriate folder mapping:
    • R:\         \\file.xavier.local\departments
    • Q:\         \\file.xavier.local\collaboration
    • X:\          \\file.xavier.local\facstaff\username   (Note: X:\ drives have been replaced by OneDrive)

  3. Check Reconnect at Sign-in (your network drives cannot be reconnected if you are off campus and not signed into the VPN).
  4. Click Finish.  If you are connecting from a non-Xavier computer, you will be asked to provide login credentials.  

    Note that you will need to login with the format: xavier\username.  If you omit xavier\, your login will be rejected, and you will see a screen similar to the one below. In this case, click Select another account and try to login again, using the correct format 

  5. Repeat this process for all other drives you need access to.
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