Using Solstice for Moderated Sessions

When a connected Solstice presenter sets the session to Moderated, any additional users attempting to join must be approved as either a guest or fellow moderator.

Moderators have the ability to approve or reject further guest requests to join the session and post media. These requests will appear as alerts next to the Meeple icon(s) along the bottom of the Solstice display interface and in the navigation menu of moderator’s app.

To enable a moderated Solstice session, follow these steps:

  1. Connect to the Solstice Pod via the Solstice Client app.
  2. In the Solstice Client, click on Meeting >> Moderate tab and toggle Moderate this meeting to On.

    picture of moderate tab

  3. An Alerts option will become available in the left-hand column as Guests attempt connecting to Solstice. Click Alerts to reject the request, approve it, or approve and promote a Guest to Moderator status.

    Picture of moderator alert prompts

  4. Additional alerts will appear if a connected Guest attempts to post media to the Solstice. The Alerts window will likewise prompt moderators to Reject or Approve the post(s).



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