Adding or Removing Internet Explorer Menus and Options

Internet Explorer has the ability to display menus and options, however some are hidden by default.

Adding Components

  1. Right-click any open area near the address window.  Once the context menu appears, you may left click the option you wish to add - for example Menu Bar or Favorites Bar.
  2. These options will immediately appear in the browser. If you find a menu or toolbar that is no longer needed, right-click and uncheck that item and it will be removed from your view.

Commonly-requested menus

  1. Menu Bar - selecting this activates a bar with a series of options including File, Edit, ViewFavorites, Tools, and Help.
  2. Favorites Bar - this bar provides quick access to bookmarks.

Using icon shortcuts instead of menus

Instead of using menus, you can access key features by clicking the appropriate icon. On the right side of the window, you will see 3 icons - Home, Favorites and Settings. These are represented by icons in the form of a Home symbol, a star and a gear.

  1. Home - clicking this will take you to your home page (the starting page you see when you launch Internet Explorer)
  2. Favorites - this will show your list of favorite sites
  3. Settings - this will show a menu of browser settings including  "Internet Options" (which opens to show many additional settings).


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