Using Breakout Rooms in Hybrid Classrooms

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Setting up breakout rooms

  1. Enable breakout rooms for the meeting in question.
  2. Prior to using breakout rooms, carefully review Zoom's setup documentation. Breakout rooms can be assigned on-the-fly or using pre-assignments
  3. Be aware of the various limitations of breakout rooms.
  4. Briefly review documentation on the breakout room experience from attendee perspective.

Running a breakout room via Zoom Rooms

Zoom meetings in hybrid classrooms are meant to be hosted by the room (ie, started from the Zoom Rooms touchpanel). However, one of the limitations of breakout rooms is that they must be run by a meeting host. Since Zoom Rooms -- the meeting host in this case -- does not have breakout room ability, you will need to take a few additional steps once the meeting starts:

  1. Start your meeting as usual from the Zoom Rooms touchpanel. 
  2. Prior to running breakout rooms, join your meeting using the Zoom application on your laptop. Do not join the audio conference portion, or you will receive feedback!
  3. Transfer the host role from Zoom Rooms to your laptop. Tap Participants on the Zoom Rooms touchpanel, tap your name in the list, then choose Make Host from the menu.
  4. Run breakout rooms using your laptop as usual.
  5. When you are done and have closed the breakout room, transfer host role back to the Zoom Room by clicking Participants in your laptop's Zoom app, clicking the room name in the list then choosing Make Host from the menu.

Getting help

If you are still having issues after following the above article, please contact Classroom Technology at (513) 745-3603 during business hours, or log a support ticket online.


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