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In most cases, the simplest solution for a mismatched Keychain password is to reset your Keychain.
This article describes the process for enrolling a device with Duo for multi-factor authentication.
Online scammers will attempt to scam you into buying gift cards for them. This email explains the scam, so you can avoid it!
Duo allows users to manage their own devices via its web interface. This article describes how to access the interface after enrollment, and available options.
This article describes the setup process for connecting to "xavierwireless" on commonly-used devices.
This article lists which buildings and rooms are equipped with Solstice wireless display.
Documents can be sent to any public/lab printer release station using Papercut web printing.
Flip phones cannot use Duo Mobile for authentication, but can be enrolled to call the phone instead.
Individuals unable to use a mobile device for two factor authentication have several alternatives available.
Duo can be setup to use a land line for authentication via phone calls.
This article collects common questions and answers for Duo multi-factor authentication.
Duo Mobile requires a relatively small amount of space for installation. You will need to clear enough to allow the installation.