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This issue is caused by a driver issue. Updating the webcam driver fixes it.
This article explains options for Canvas assistance.
Hoonuit has been discontinued effective June 2020. This article offers alternatives to Hoonuit for online training.
This article makes some general suggestions aimed at parents considering a new computer purchase.
DocuSign is a service providing legally-binding digital signatures for Xavier electronic documents.
LockDown Browser is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment in order to prevent cheating. Monitor is used to proctor exams via webcam.
Refreshing the VPN connection will resolve most of these issues.
You can take several different actions to secure Zoom meetings. A host can control/disable chat, use waiting rooms, require password, or lock the meeting once started.
The Zoom Outlook plugin allows you to easily schedule Zoom meetings within Outlook calendar.
Phishing emails can be reported within your email client with just one click!
While using Lockdown Browser on a Lenovo 11e (the typical Xavier student loaner laptop model), the integrated camera (webcam) may unexpectedly quit or be undetected by Lockdown Browser. This can be prevented or fixed by changing the camera's driver.
There are several possible reasons email may not arrive in your Inbox.
This article explains how to forward email in Outlook Web App.
MacOS is blocking the system extensions used by the VPN. Allowing them will fix the issue.
This document describes the actions necessary to secure and protect university- owned data classified as Public data, Internal Use data, Confidential data, and Export Controlled data.
This error occurs when the user has not previously logged into Xavier Zoom. A Zoom account is created on initial login to
Jabber may refuse to allow pasting of screenshots if certain certificates are missing.