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Employee accounts are disabled based on the last day worked, as entered in Banner. Student account retention is determined by the student's academic status at Xavier.
To dial out internationally, dial 9 and then the full number (including country code)
This article describes how to clear cache/cookies from the Chrome, Edge Firefox and Safari web browsers.
Under a certain set of conditions, a Zoom Room will join a breakout room when not intended. This article discusses workarounds.
This article discusses how to use Breakout Rooms with the Zoom Rooms hybrid classrooms. It requires some adjustments to who hosts the meeting during breakouts.
This issue is caused by a driver issue. Updating the webcam driver fixes it.
Errors during playback with Kanopy generally revolve around Digital Rights Management (DRM) or browser issues.
Adobe Acrobat requires you to create a free Adobe account on their website. These are the credentials it is requesting.
Online scammers will attempt to scam you into buying gift cards for them. This email explains the scam, so you can avoid it!
Phishing emails can be reported within your email client with just one click!
How to change or update your password, including tips on choosing an acceptable password.
MacOS is blocking the system extensions used by the VPN. Allowing them will fix the issue.
Refreshing the VPN connection will resolve most of these issues.