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MacOS is blocking the system extensions used by the VPN. Allowing them will fix the issue.
Refreshing the VPN connection will resolve most of these issues.
The grey screen is an indicator that the video uses HDCP protection. One possible workaround is to use VLC to play the DVD.
This article discusses how to use Breakout Rooms with the Zoom Rooms hybrid classrooms. It requires some adjustments to who hosts the meeting during breakouts.
This article describes basic operation of Zoom Rooms for hybrid learning.
Licensing errors with Xavier-issued equipment are usually caused from extended off-campus use. Reconnecting to the Xavier network will allow the needed licensing verification to occur.
This FAQ collects questions we are commonly asked about Zoom Rooms used for hybrid learning.
This article explains how to use Zoom Rooms specifically in HUB rooms 201/301/307.
This article explains what waiting rooms and why Xavier is adopting them as of Sept 1 2020.
This article explains the modified Help Desk and Classroom Tech office hours, as well as changes made to support during COVID-19.
1019 Dana does not utilize the Xavier network for internet service. You will need to contact the service provider or ResLife for assistance.
Course titles in Canvas are sourced by data contained in Banner. Contact the Registrar to request changes or edits.
Certain versions of Windows come with "S mode" which prevents running apps from outside the Microsoft Windows App Store. Turning off S Mode will allow the installer to run.
This article describes the setup process for connecting to "xavierwireless" on commonly-used devices.
An unviewable Canvas course has numerous registration and publishing-related causes.
This error occurs when the user has not previously logged into Xavier Zoom. A Zoom account is created on initial login to
This article lists all the classrooms containing Zoom Rooms technology for hybrid learning.