Unable to Login to Xavier-issued Laptops from Off-Campus


A Xavier laptop will not recognize a changed account password until it is brought back on-campus.


About the Xavier Domain

While on-campus, all Xavier-issued Windows laptops are connected to Xavier's Active Directory domain. Among other items, the domain keeps laptop passwords synchronized and ensures critical security updates are applied in a timely manner. 

What happens when a Xavier laptop is off campus?

When a Xavier-issued laptop is taken off-campus, it no longer communicates with the domain. In most cases, this will not present a problem unless you're attempting to access certain internal resources,  such as Banner. The laptop will cache your credentials, allowing you to log into Windows while off-campus. However, there are certain circumstances in which an off-campus,  Xavier-issued laptop's login screen might refuse your password.

Login problems - causes and fixes

If you are unable to log into a Xavier-issued laptop while off campus, there are usually two common causes:

  1. The laptop has been powered off for an extended period and its cached credentials are no longer valid.

    You will see the following error on the login screen:

    If receiving the above error, your only option is to drop off the laptop to the Help Desk. A technician will need to re-join the laptop to the Xavier domain. 

  2. You recently changed/reset your Xavier account password, and the laptop was off-campus at the time. An off-campus laptop will be unable to synchronize your new credentials, but you should be able to login to the laptop using your previous password.

    In order to login to the laptop using your current password, the laptop needs to communicate with the Xavier domain. ‚ÄčTo reestablish domain communication and synchronize your new credentials to the laptop, reconnect it to Xavier's on-campus wired or wireless network. This will re-establish communications with the Xavier domain.

    Alternatively, these steps can be taken to immediately fix the issue:

    1. Install and login to the Global Protect VPN on the laptop, using your current password.
    2. Once the Windows desktop has loaded, lock the screen by hitting  + L on your keyboard.
    3. Wait several minutes as the domain and your laptop communicate with each other.  
    4. Login to the laptop using your current password.
    5. Disconnect from the VPN.



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