2016 Summer Classroom Refresh Information


Information about the 2016 Summer Classroom Refresh.


As part of an ongoing effort to keep classroom technology current, IT has refreshed a series of classrooms this summer:

  • CLC 309
  • CLC 405
  • CLC 406
  • CLC 413
  • Logan 2

The above rooms all follow the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) standard set by the Alter Hall design team. Adjuncts who lack a suitable laptop computer for use in such rooms are encouraged to check out a loaner laptop from the CLC 3rd floor Library Circulation Desk. Loaner laptops can be checked out for a 24 hour period or a full semester, depending on individual needs. 

The following lab/auditorium spaces have also been refreshed. Kennedy Auditorium received substantial audio/projection improvements and includes Echo360 lecture capture capability.

  • CLC 207
  • CLC 412 (Kennedy Auditorium)
  • McDonald 134

In addition to new projection and Crestron equipment, refreshed rooms will be outfitted with document cameras and Solstice, a new wireless display technology similar to Airmedia.

Select hardware upgrades were also made in Cohen 5 and Cohen 162.

More information

The Center for Teaching Excellence is offering a variety of sessions on August 18; several sessions are devoted to the BYOD spaces in Alter and CLC.



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