Recording with Panopto


Accessing Panopto in Canvas

To access Panopto from within Canvas , you need to be either editing a Page/Discussion/Announcement/Assignment, submitting an Assignment or Discussion Board post, or anywhere else you have access to the Rich Content Editor shown below. After accessing Panopto, you can record or upload new content in Panopto.

Find the Panopto button on the right side of the Rich Content Editor in Canvas:


Accessing Panopto Outside Canvas

Visit the Panopto Website, enter your full Xavier email address and you will be directed to log in and authenticate as usual.

Recording via Browser

Accessing Panopto through the Canvas Rich Content Editor allows you to record, upload, and embed content. Recording does not require you to download or install an application, and can be done directly from your web browser.

Recording via Browser is Panopto's newest interface and has some unique features that the app (below) does not. 

Watch this short demonstration from Panopto on how you can record using Panopto Capture, their browser based tool.


Recording via App

Panopto also has a recording app that can be downloaded and installed. 

To download the recording app from within Canvas you can choose to download or launch the app (after it is installed) from the Panopto button in the Rich Content Editor:


You can access the recording app from the Panopto side navigation by clicking Create (1) and then choosing Panopto for Windows (2) Or Panopto for Mac if you are on an Apple computer.

Follow the Panopto instructions linked below for additional guidance.

How to Record a Video (Client Windows)

How to Record a Video (Client Mac)



If Panopto tells you that you are not authorized to install the recorder, upload, or create videos then you may not have the correct permissions yet. If you do not see the Capture button on the Panopto webpage this also indicates you do not have the correct account settings.

To request full access:

Faculty and staff can contact Paul Weber

PsyD students may submit a request to IT. 

All other students may only have access to record or create in Panopto through assignments their faculty have created. 



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