Using Panopto: Closed Captions

Watch this quick demonstration from VidGrid to see how easy it is to request captions through the VidGrid platform.

We recommend that you always review the captions for accuracy after completion. While they are created by professionals they may misinterpret certain proper names, acronyms, and discipline specific terminology.

In VidGrid, you can edit captions that you’ve requested or uploaded from within the video player. 

  • To edit captions on VidGrid, click on the caption dashboard on the player. 
  • Click on the “edit captions” icon next to the captions you would like to edit. 
  • You will then see your caption text with timestamps. Make any edits to your captions here, and click “save.”


You can also edit your captions within the VidGrid player in Canvas. Learn more here:

Editing Video Captions: VidGrid Help Article


Make sure you only request captions after your content is complete - including editing! Any edits made after you request captions may cause the text to be out of sync with your voice and visuals.

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