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Pinned Article A/V Cable Connections

This article describes the common A/V cables used in Xavier classrooms.

Pinned Article Classroom Equipment Request Guidelines

This article lists available A/V equipment and guidelines for requesting it.

Pinned Article Mirroring Computer Displays with Classroom AV Systems

PC and Mac desktops can be duplicated so that content is mirrored by the classroom projection systems.

Pinned Article Operating Classroom Touchpanels

This article explains how to use a touchpanel to operate equipment in (most) classrooms.

Pinned Article Using Zoom Rooms in Hybrid Classrooms

This article describes basic operation of Zoom Rooms for hybrid learning.

Pinned Article Zoom Rooms Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This FAQ collects questions we are commonly asked about Zoom Rooms used for hybrid learning.

2016 Summer Classroom Refresh Information

Information about the 2016 Summer Classroom Refresh.

2017 Summer Classroom Refresh Information

Information about the 2017 Summer Classroom Refresh.

2018 Summer Classroom Refresh Information

Information about the 2018 Summer Classroom Refresh.

2019 Summer Classroom Refresh Information

This article describes the classroom refresh project for Summer 2019.

2021 Summer Classroom Refresh Information

This article describes the overall scope of IT's 2021 summer classroom refresh project.

Assistive Audio Devices In Classrooms

T3 Microphones from Lightspeed have replaced the Listen Point microphones in Alter Hall for assistive devices in classrooms.

Audio/Video Refuses to Stream from Solstice Mac Client

Newer versions of MacOS prevent the Solstice Audio Driver from loading without user intervention.

Crestron 3-Series® Processors: Recovery Procedure

3-Series® Processors: Recovery Procedure

Dealing with Disruptive Zoom Attendees

This article explains preventative and in-the-moment actions you can take to stop disruptive attendees in Zoom.

Deleting Content in VidGrid

This article demonstrates how to delete VidGrid video content.

Devices Periodically Lose Connection with Solstice

Frequent disconnects from Solstice are most likely caused by conservative power settings on the shared device.

HUB 205 Control Room Layout

Layout SIM lab in HUB 205


HUB QSYS IP addresses

Missing Screen Sharing Button in Zoom

The screen sharing feature in Zoom may be missing if the preference is turned off in your Zoom profile.

No Audio When Using Solstice

Solstice audio is disabled. This explains the controls to turn audio output to classroom speakers ON and OFF.

Playing a DVD in Zoom Rooms Results in a Grey Screen

The grey screen is an indicator that the video uses HDCP protection. One possible workaround is to use VLC to play the DVD.

Reserving Computer Labs for Classroom Use

Classrooms can be reserved via the Registrar's office.

Solstice App installation error msg "The Application was Unable to Start Correctly (0xc000007b)"

After installing Solstice App and launching the .exe file an error message appears stopping the installation.

Solstice Displays a Black Screen When Desktop Sharing Activated

On Windows, this behavior has been traced to outdated video drivers.

Speaker/Amplification Options for Events

Classroom Technology can provide speakers for small to mid size classroom events. Larger venues will require equipment rental by the event organizer.

Unable to Play Videos in Kanopy

Errors during playback with Kanopy generally revolve around Digital Rights Management (DRM) or browser issues.

Updating Solstice Client on Mac Systems

Download & Installation of Mersive Solstice current version client on Mac OS X

Using Breakout Rooms in Hybrid Classrooms

This article discusses how to use Breakout Rooms with the Zoom Rooms hybrid classrooms. It requires some adjustments to who hosts the meeting during breakouts.

Using the Wired Podium Microphone in Kennedy Auditorium

This article describes how to use the wired podium microphone in Kennedy Auditorium.

Using Zoom Rooms in HUB 201, 301 or 307

This article explains how to use Zoom Rooms specifically in HUB rooms 201/301/307.

VHS Retirement and Alternatives

VHS is a legacy technology no longer supported at Xavier.

Zoom in Canvas Information

ZOOM integration with Canvas

Zoom Room Equipped Classroom List

This article lists all the classrooms containing Zoom Rooms technology for hybrid learning.

Zoom Room Unintentionally Joining Breakout Rooms

Under a certain set of conditions, a Zoom Room will join a breakout room when not intended. This article discusses workarounds.

Zoom Waiting Rooms Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This article explains what waiting rooms and why Xavier is adopting them as of Sept 1 2020.