Crestron 3-Series® Processors: Recovery Procedure

3-Series® Processors: Recovery Procedure

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The following procedures will recover a 3-Series® processor in situations where it is unresponsive:


Communications to the Processor Cannot be Established
  1. Press the HW-R button.
  2. Press the SW-R button 5 times with a 1 second gap between presses.
    NOTE: Pressing the SW-R button too fast can cause the processor to not start the self-recovery process. Ensure a 1 second gap between each press.
  3. The processor will now begin the self-recovery process. It may take 30 minutes or longer for the process to fully complete.
  4. Establish a USB connection from the processor to a computer.
    NOTE: For MPC3-XXX devices use Ethernet.
  5. Open the Text Console tool in the Crestron Toolbox™ software. Check for a prompt in Text Console, it should be the standard prompt.
  6. Using the Package Update Tool, load the current 3-Series .puf file.
    NOTE: The current .puf file can be found on the respective processor's product page in the Resources tab, under the Software & Firmware header.  

The device should now be communicating properly. If the issue was not resolved, repeat the procedure above.
NOTE: If the standard prompt did not appear for the processor, contact Crestron's True Blue Techincal Support.

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