Video Discussions with Panopto

There are different discussion features available within Panopto. You may choose to have students add time synched comments onto a video you have created or provided, or even have your students create video as part of a Canvas discussion board.

Comments on Panopto Videos

If you want to have students watch a video that you, or that another student has created you can allow them to add comments and have a threaded, time-based conversation about content. Please note that this assumes the video is being viewed in the full-page viewer.

You can also use this feature to have students ask you questions about your content, but if so make sure to review the settings covered in the video to ensure you are alerted as much (or little) as you want.

Watch this short presentation from Panopto on how to use discussions.


Video Discussion Boards in Canvas

If you want to have students watch videos from each other and provide comments or feedback in a Canvas discussion board that is also available. Students will have access to the Panopto button while posting in a discussion board as long as you have followed the steps to create an assignment folder for the course. 

How to Create a Video assignment in Canvas - Panopto Support


Student Support

For an example discussion board for students including instructions you can copy or adapt, view a template Panopto Video Discussion in Canvas created by Digital Media Services.

Digital Media Services also has additional support including recording instructions and video best practices available in Canvas Commons Modules that you can import and customize with DMS support.

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