Uploading a Video to Panopto


In addition to recording, Panopto also allows you to upload videos from your computer or mobile device. These can be videos you have created or captured in many different ways, anything from a quick selfie video on your iPhone to a short documentary you have created using equipment available at the Digital Media Lab.

Please note: Panopto does not impose a hard limit for file size; however, it's important to note that large files are subject to network timeouts, so we recommend monitoring your upload(s) through completion. It's best to upload large files from a work station with a strong and reliable network connection. If you have issues with uploading larger files, you may need to reduce the file size. 

Watch this short demonstration from Panopto on how to upload a video, and remember that this functionality is available inside Canvas using the Panopto button as well. Using the button inside Canvas should eliminate the need to navigate to a course folder as long as you are accessing Panopto from inside the Canvas course you wish to upload content to.



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