Using the VidGrid recorder for Student Therapists


  1. Open VidGrid from the Start menu (if previously installed) or by visiting and logging in. For detailed instructions on how to install VidGrid, please refer to Installing the VidGrid recorder
  2. The VidGrid software capture window will open.

  1. Below are the selections for the audio and video inputs needed for recording.

For Microphone:

  1. Click the Microphone icon
  2. Select the C-Media USB Audio Device.

The microphone icon monitors the audio levels. They will increase and decrease as sounds are made.      



For Webcam:

  1. Click the webcam icon
  2. Select Webcam only mode

The video from the webcam will appear in the monitoring window.

  1. Click the Record button.

  1. The recording will begin.

  1. Click the Stop button (6) when you are finished recording.

  1. After you press stop, title your recording. The Checkbox button will upload it, the Trash Can icon deletes it.


  1. When the video is finished publishing to VidGrid, a webpage will open where you can review or share the recording.



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